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June 1-13, find us on Facebook and send us your nomination for the Best Food Truck in New York State!

Itʼs easy, just message us the name of the truck, location, and the name of the best beef dish! You can also vote online!


"Best NY Beef Food Truck" Contest Official Rules 2018

The farmers of New York, the New York Beef Council, and our friends at Yelp, are proud to announce the "Best NY Beef Food Truck" Contest taking place June 1 – July 22, 2018. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 24th and nominations may be submitted for any New York Food Truck.

To be eligible for the contest, the nominated Food Truck must meet the following:

  1. To qualify, the Food Truck MUST USE 100% beef in the entered dish; although other ingredients may be added (such as spices, vegetables, etc.)

Entry Rules

  1. Nominations must be entered online between June 1 – June 13, 2018.
  2. Nominations may be submitted through the New York Beef Council website or Facebook page, Online entries must be submitted by midnight June 13, 2018.
  3. Food Trucks may promote the contest but are discouraged from offering incentives in exchange for nominations.
  4. Top ten (10) will be contacted to submit a high-res photo of their highest voted beef item for public voting.

Selection of Finalists
The nominations will be narrowed down to the top ten (10) by the judging committee. Then through public voting, the top four (4) Food Trucks and their beef dish will be selected, out of the top ten (10), based on the number of nominations each receives. A panel of Yelp! judges will visit the selected locations and evaluate each burger thus determining the overall winner.

Judging – Done by select members of the Yelp! Elite Squad
The following guidelines will be used when judging: Appearance, Taste, Texture and Proper Cooking on a scale of 1-10 highest point value wins.

The judging panel will select the Grand Prize winner for the title of “Best NY Beef Food Truck” who will receive a plaque designating the establishment as the winner of “Best NY Beef Food Truck”. The plaque will be given at the establishment with Facebook-live promotion, a statewide press release, an invite to the New York State Fair Food Truck Competition and a submission to New York’s Cattleman’s Magazine.

Perfection in Less Than 30 Minutes

Food Truck Inspired Recipes

Crazy Otto's Empire Diner

This video was submitted to us by our friends at Yelp during our New York State Best Burger Contest. Stay tuned for more from Yelp!

Your Questions Answered

How many cattle farms/ranches exist in the United States?

More than 700,000.

With 48% of the Daily Value, which nutrient is most prominent in BEEF?


Which percentage of U.S. land is used for grazing livestock?

27% including grassland, pasture and rangeland.

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